VR application


UX/UI, Prototyper


Boehringer Ingelheim innovation lab wanted to explore Virtual Reality as a lever for providing medical education to healthcare professionals.

The overall achievement was to gamify medical education for healthcare professionals through virtual reality. So the poject had to be interesting, relevant and fun.

My mission

My main role on this project was to conceive, create and develop a prototype of a virtual reality escape game / quiz for physicians. I had to assume all of the following functions:

Tool used

Discover the application

See Instruction

The user is immerged in the patient appartement. An hologram of the patient explain his case.

Collect object

The user can explore the environment by looking around. He has to find clues in order to resolve the patient case. The user can't move and can only interact with some objects. If the user select an interactive object a sound clue is played.

Answer quiz

Once the user has found all the clues, he can answer a series of questions and discover the explanation of the case.


User tests

Users tests were run in NY, USA