Biogen, a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in neuroscience, has created an entity called BHS (Biogen healthcare solution). This entity designs, develops and delivers innovative digital solutions to patients living with neurological diseases and to healthcare professionals. One of the solutions created is called Neurodiem, a website dedicated to neurologists.


I joined the BHS team in March 2018. We started to design the website in May. It was lead by another senior UX designer. In 2018, the main goals were to launch France by the end of the year. We successfully launched the website in December. The challenge of 2019 is acquisition, monthly active usage and to launch in 7 other countries (Germany, United states, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain).

I have assumed all of the following functions:

Tool used

Website presentation

Neurodiem ​​mission is to give access to scientific unbiased quality information in neuroscience. This information is provided by scientific writers and independent editorial partners, who have their own scientific committees, ensuring the impartiality of the content.
The platform is divided into 3 pillars: News, Congresses and Talks

Article page
Article page

Live moments from major international neurology conferences

Conferences page

Expert videos and scientific presentations by clinicians and researchers

Talks page

Promotional video

We needed a video to present the product for the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS). The request was really short-noticed and the deadline was very short. We only had one day and a half to produce the video.

Neurodiem logo

I animated the logo to use it as a loader on the website.

Neurodiem logo animated


The data team analyzes the data collected within the website and presents it on a dashboard created via Google data studio. I provided them with a template and guidelines.

Dashboard template


There is two kind of illustrations used within Neurodiem website:

Illustrations use across the website