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​​Univadis is a web platform owned by Aptus Heatlh Inc dedicated to healthcare professionals. It is built around 3 founding pillars: Medical news, References (tools for medical consultation) and Educational content (courses, quiz). Univadis is now deployed in 90 countries.
Aptus Heatlh Inc needed a mobile application (Android & iOS) for Univadis.

My Mission

I integrated the Aptus Health design team and worked with them on the conception, the creation and the production of the new Univadis mobile application (iOS/Android) based on the design of the latest Univadis website.

I lead the mobile pole and had to assume all of the following functions:

Tool Used

Discover some features of this application

Medical News

Allow healthcare professional to stay one step ahead in just minutes a day. Univadis identifies and summarises the developments that are most important to physician and their practice.

Quality-focused articles

The content is in-depth research from trusted partners such as The Lancet, JAMA, and NEJM. Users can easly browse through the content by sliding between articles.

References & medical tools

Univadis saves time for healthcare professionals in patient care and brings to them medical tools and references that help them make the right decision at the right moment.

Interaction checker

Physicians can check between multiple drugs if there is any interaction and adapt prescription accordingly.

Learn from experts and peers

Univadis helps physicians gain practical knowledge through short, interactive presentations and cases study from experts.


Healthcare professionnals can stay up-to-date and test their general knowledge on medecine with daily quizzes.

An international application

As of today the application has been deployed in France, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. More countries incoming.

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