digital display




The new Dolby headquarter is located on 1275 Market street. The building is sixteen floors high and designed with a variety of spaces, suited to match the task at hand: labs, conference rooms, focus rooms, interaction hubs, drop-in spots,... Every floor has a digital display within the elevator bay that needs to clearly communicate wayfinding in order to familiarize employees with their new home.

My mission

Tool used


Dolby already had a wayfinding solution. This solution was provide by ESA Analytics. So the purpose was to update the design of the map to make it easier to read, to use, and match with the Dolby brand identity.


Old design

The old design wasn't in harmony with dolby's identity. The map was complicated to read and had a lot of useless information in it.

New design

First, there was a lot of graphic work to improve the map. Make it more intelligible, more easily readable, in connection with the identity of dolby.

People finder

The people finder makes it possible to locate the office of a particular person. The technology in place did not allow the use of a keyboard. To reduce the cost of development we decided to have only a drop-down list in alphabetical order.

Room finder

The room finder allows you to find a room. The number of rooms being limited and not intended to change, the drop-down list was better than the people finder. The goal was then to be able to know the agenda of the room for the day to quickly see if a room currently available would still be in the forthcoming hours.