tablet application


UX/UI, Prototyper


The music is part of our everyday life. We can listen to it, we can feel it, but it's hard to play music without training. We could say that music is somehow "restricted to insiders".


The aim is to make music more accessible, more fun, more instinctive thanks to a digital device which allows anyone to interact with music.

How to make music an interactive visible reality ?


The goal was to create an application that allows the user to paint his own musical picture. The idea is to associate the color and the sound in order to “paint” music. One color is associated to a music instrument.


This application is dedicated to casual gamers who want to play with music and have fun (ie players interested in games with simple rules and low difficulty).

Tool used

How it works

The paper sheet

The sheet is divided horizontally into 16 equal parts. Each part corresponds to a note from the pentatonic scale.

Recording tool

Use the record button to: start recording, stop recording and save recording.

Graphic tool

Use the brushes to change the graphic style of painting.

Erase tool

Use the cup of water to erase brushstrokes.