mobile application


Lead UX/UI, Prototyper


Biogen wanted to develop an application dedicated to people with multiple sclerosis in order to help them deal with their disease in their day to day life. The objective was to create a prototype in order to test user potential appetence and interest.

My mission

Conceive, create and develop a prototype of this mobile app. I had to assume all of the following functions:

Tool used

Discover some features of this application


A homepage which displays content on quick access, based on the user preference and needs.

A symptoms tracker

The user can track easily the evolution of their health thanks to a series of questions about them (feelings, fatigue, side effects, symptoms).

An information center

Give the user all the information that he needs in one place.


A dashboard that renders all the information captured or provided by the user: digested, easy to read and understand.


Easily communicate with healthcare professional.
Select a range, print the report and share it with your healthcare professional.

User tests

The application has been successfully test in France, Germany and USA. Feedbacks were positive and the application is now being developped (under a new brand and name) with the recommandation made by GFK.